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David Colman is an illustrator, who has worked as a visual development artist, Emmy winning character designer, story artist and art director in the animation industry since 2003. His clients include Disney Feature Animation, Disney TV, Disney Toon Studios, Paramount Pictures Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, Sony Imageworks, Blue Sky Studios, Jim Henson Company, Jim Henson Creature Shop, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, 20th Century Fox, Fox TV Animation, Imagemovers Digital, Digital Domain, Bento Box, Amazon Studios and many others. Beyond his work in the industry David is widely known for his animal character illustration work and has self-published numerous books and his library continues to grow: The very popular and sold out ,The Art of Animal Character Design, Animal Character Design: Grizzly Bears, and David Colman’s Doodles Volume I,II, and III. His publications have led to many classes, lectures, seminars and workshops all over the world. Along with the publications David now has a very popular apparel line featuring a wide range of animal designs in various styles. More recently David has entered the private market being part of both solo and group exhibitions with his first and very successful show in Paris in November 2010.

You can follow David on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/davidsdoodles on Twitter @davidsdoodles27
Instagram: davidsdoodles and his blog: davidcolman.blogspot.com. Also see videos and sneak peeks of his DVDS and other tidbits on his youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/dcolman27